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[at-l] Whites, Presidentials

The usual places I've used are:
The hostel at Glencliff - anyone know the owner's name? It used to 
belong to Fancy Free.
Hiker's Paradise in Gorham - watch out for advice from a certain 
gentleman who works there.
Dare I recommend the AMC? They provide a bus shuttle all around the WMNF.
Parker's Motel - Lincoln, has been pretty good with helping me out.
Indian Head Resort - N. Woodstock has a large parking lot, they're 
just a couple miles S of the AT crossing at Rt. 93/Franconia Parkway.

>I'm working on a trip to New Hampshire/Vermont.  What I'd like to do is
>drive, find a motel or B&B that would let me leave my car while I hike
>for a week or so, and provide a shuttle one or both ways.  Anyone know
>of a good establishment for this sort of arrangement?
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