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[at-l] Whites

I recommend the 30 degree bag, wear clothes if you need to extend the 
range downwards. I always have my knit hat, sweater, gloves (not 
liners) in my pack, even for dayhikes. These are serious mountains....

so change glove liners into gloves, the p200 fleece would correspond 
to my sweater, long sleeve top, think Fall...

That weekend I'll be leading a trip along Kinsman Ridge, partly on 
the AT, then over to the Cannon Balls. I'll be about 2000 feet lower 
in altitude than where you're going. There'll be crowds everywhere I 

>     capilene long john tops and bottoms
>     p100 fleece pullover
>     another short sleeve poly shirt
>     another nylon shorts
>     2 more pairs of socks
>     silnylon poncho
>     child's stocking Cap
>     baseball cap
>     glove liners
>For spring or fall I add:
>     p200 fleece jacket
>     longJohnTop instead of the short sleeve shirt
>     another longJohnBottoms
>Also, I have a 30 degree down sleeping bag (old, chilly at 40) and a 5
>degree down bag (new, toasty at 30). Surely I can get away with the 30
>degree bag?
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