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[at-l] Hi All

330 messages in my inbox.  One about a hike that was cancelled 
(drat), a request for help on trail maintence, a bunch of cool 
recipes, a request for wrtiting a letter, a few hiking reports and a lot 
of bitching, moaning and complaining.  Hello!!!!   I believe in HYOH, 
but none of you are doin it.  Y'all sitting in front of your computer... 
you ain't hikin.  My hike on Saturday has been cancelled.  I think I 
will try a hike on Sunday.  Tomorrow a trail report on a hike I took 
today in the SNP.  It wasn't on the AT and it was only 1.3 miles.  
Stay tuned for the report.

It is obvious y'all ned to take a hike.

Grey Owl