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[at-l] Whites

How much clothing should I carry in the Presidentials for 6 days
starting 21 July?

Normally, for summer I wear:
    nylon shorts, short sleeve poly shirt, socks
and carry:
    capilene long john tops and bottoms
    p100 fleece pullover
    another short sleeve poly shirt
    another nylon shorts
    2 more pairs of socks
    silnylon poncho
    child's stocking Cap
    baseball cap
    glove liners
For spring or fall I add:
    p200 fleece jacket
    longJohnTop instead of the short sleeve shirt
    another longJohnBottoms

Also, I have a 30 degree down sleeping bag (old, chilly at 40) and a 5
degree down bag (new, toasty at 30). Surely I can get away with the 30
degree bag?