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[at-l] Coupla Questions

Does anybody know what the status of the Hansens at WalasiYi happens to be?
Can somebody give me the phone number, please?  I know (head down, shuffling
of feet) I should have this info bookmarked but it seems to be gone.

I am in *need* of some new hiking foot wear.  Since daughter #2 and
son-in-law now live in Greenville SC and grandson #5 is having a birthday,
we will be up that way for a few days.  I thought I might make a quick day
trip over and scout out the latest offerings - boots, in line filter, light
weight light, etc...

New subj - Linda, why do your recipes and other postings all begin with the
word "blank"?  Keep 'em coming, Linda....

Al (Draggin' Anchor)