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[at-l] Trip report: CT/NY

> Off work at 4:00 on Wednesday, with the radio tuned to the traffic
> station.  I fought my way slowly around the Capitol Beltway across the
> Potomac and headed way north above the inner Maryland 'burbs to avoid an
> accident on the freeway.  I took over an hour and a half to travel 39
> miles.

clip & snip

Every now and than a  posting comes along that brings back terrible
memories.  Yours was just such a post...

The Beltway.  The commute.  The delays. The hand signals from other drivers.
The morning breath of the car poolers snoring in their seats.  The weather.
The road construction.  The fender benders and the gawkers.  Hardin and
Weaver (WMAL).  Traffic and weather on the tens (WTOP).  Ohhh yes, I am
sooooo happy I no longer live/work anywhere near WashDC.  I-95. I-295.
I-395.  I-66.  River Road.  Key bridge.  University Blvd.  MacArthur Blvd.
Colesville Rd. Telegraph Rd. Wilson Blvd. B&W Pkwy.  14th St Bridge.
Connecticut Ave.  Rockville Pike.....   Aaagh!!

Remember the blizzard and the Air Florida 007 crash ??  Spent the night in
the car !!  Got home just in time to turn around and go to work.

Thanks for the memories.  Don't do it again...   [BTW, nice trip report]

Al (Draggin' Anchor)