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[at-l] the storm that is felix

"Billie H. Cleek" wrote:

> The Ozark Highlands Trail is, by all accounts, a great trail.  Tim Ernst has
> written a great book about it

Ellie has that book. And, from what we saw of the trail, it seems nice. We both
want to thru-hike it someday and get the Avery Patch. One thing I did notice, as
is always the case with opinion...Ernst says the Haw Creek Campground is one of
his favorites. It was not an extraordinary place at all. Noisy and dirty.
Fairview, where we stayed, was very nice and quiet. (With only she and I

>  Check out Hemmed-in-Hollow and Hawk's Bill
> Crag (I got married at Hawk's Bill).

Seems like one of my weddings was at Hawk's Bill. Yes, yes it was.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"