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[at-l] volunteerism

If anyone wants to check out sidehill work for themselves, Konnarock & RATC
will be on the Pickle Branch Shelter area relo this weekend -- Thursday
through Monday.

Come join us.  Email me for directions before morning, or check out AT map 4
Glenwood-Newcastle Ranger Districts Washington-Jefferson National Forest.


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> On Mon, 18 Jun 2001 17:30:56 -0400 W F Thorneloe <thornel@attglobal.net>
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> > Well, how did the work project go this weekend?
> The work trip went well. I wish I could say the same for my PC which has
> been on the dead side for a few days. Sorry for the delay in replying.
> There were about 25 folks from the GATC and a few others of us who just
> invited our selves to show up for the Blackwell relocation project. The
> main effort was to finish the relocation and open it up. That didn't
> happen but it was only missed by about 25 yards of digging new side hill.
> For those who aren't familiar with "digging side hill" this means the new
> trail will follow a contour along the sides of the mountains. The
> treadway must be dug into the hill so that it is about a yard wide.
> Depending on how steep the hill is, about one cubic yard of dirt must be
> moved for each 2 yards of new trail. This is about 3200 pounds of dirt,
> in a round number. The new relocation is about a mile long so the GATC,
> the Konnarock Crew, forest service folks and many others have truly
> labored to get to this place.
> One more work trip and the relocation will be cut through the last of the
> brush and the connecting tread dug. In the next few weeks the material
> for the new shelter will be flown in and then the building can start. All
> the tent pads are complete, as is the blue blaze to the spring. Large
> stones were arranged to form a nice pool at the spring so it will be easy
> to draw up water there. I assume the materials for the privy will be
> brought at the same time as the shelter stuff.
> It will be no surprise to ya'll when I say that trail people seem to be
> the same anywhere you go. I have been made to feel right at home among
> the GATC folk even though I'm not a member. It has been a pleasure to
> work with them because they are nice but also because they are
> "professional," meaning they take this project seriously and are always
> well organized and equipped. I'll send another post next time I hear of a
> solid day for a work trip. Anyone wanting to join in will be welcomed I'm
> sure.  Hopeful
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