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[at-l] the storm that is felix

The Ozark Highlands Trail is, by all accounts, a great trail.  Tim Ernst has
written a great book about it, and it was one my list of trails to do when I
lived in SW Missouri, but I never got around to it.  If you're going to be
in that area you would probably also like the Buffalo National River -- lots
and lots of beautiful trails. Check out Hemmed-in-Hollow and Hawk's Bill
Crag (I got married at Hawk's Bill).  Anyway, check out the local hiking
shops -- they all carry Tim's books, and the books are some of the best
trail books I've ever had the pleasure of purchasing.


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> "t." wrote:
> > > so my question for Felix is where are you gonna hit and you gonna
> > > do lots of damage?  are you scoping out Atlanta for somethign
> evil!?!?!?
> >
> > the real question is : Will he take bribes?
> I've never NOT taken bribes...so, I don't know why I'd start
> now. I mean why
> I'd start stopping taking them now. I just got home from
> Tulsa...I be livin'
> on Tulsa Time...and, I hate that song...
> For the first time in 14 years I checked luggage Saturday
> night...and, they
> lost it. It'll be another 14 years...other than the trip to
> Ireland.
> Ellie and I had a wonderful time in the Ozarks Sunday. Stayed
> at a really nice
> campground just north of Pelsor (?). Our first night together
> in a
> tent...ain't that sweet? There is something called the Ozark
> Highlands Trail.
> Anyone (here) know anything about it?
> All for now. I forgot to feed my cats and they're a oui bit
> pist
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