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[at-l] READY's journal: June 17 part 2

>We finally made it to our next milepost, the Bear's Den hostel.
>"Bear's Den Hostel is an inn from the early days when wealthy 
>Washintonians visited the area for vacations," read the brochure. It is 
>indeed a beautiful building, featuring picturesque grounds.  Melody's dog, 
>"Katahsin," a beautiful Border Collie was also on hnd to greet guests.
>We enjoyed our lunch, along with cold sodas.  We each managed to get a 
>shower, too!
>We found Gitterdone resting on one of the benches.  It was great talking 
>with her about hiking and gear.
>We chatted with managers, Patti and Melody, and generally just 
>relaxed.  It would be difficult to leave this magical sanctuary.
>I noticed a bulletin board in the hikers' quarters that featured a 
>clipping from an old ATN - "Ministry of Funny Walks: 'Delirium.'"
>This is a place I'd like to visit again.  It had great vibes. The staff 
>were very friendly and helpful. It's truly a thruhikers' haven, 
>comfortable, close to the trail, and extremely acommodating. They had a 
>huge hiker box and offered for very cheap prices all kinds of hiker 
>favorites: meals, first aid supplies, books, maps, gatorade mix, - 
>practically everything a hiker could need.
>Just as we were heading out, we met Patches and Sticks, who were in for 
>the night.  W'd been there nearly 3 hours and needed to move on if we were 
>to reach the spring some 4 miles up the trail, where we'd be making camp.
>It was easier work to make the climbs this time, owing to the rest and to 
>the fact that the climbs were simply less arduous than those of the 
>afternoon.  Shortly after crossing the state line where we left Virginia 
>behind and entered West Virginia, we found a wonderdul little campsite 
>near Sands Spring.
>Spur set up the tent while I got water and attempted to ready the bear 
>bag.  I'll spare you the details on this little fiasco, as Spur will most 
>assuredly regale you with the painful details via his journal. ;-)
>We ate couscous rescued from the Bear's Den hikers' box and listened to 
>the sounds of two whipporwills, who aternately would repeat each other's 
>calls or be in perfect sychronization with each other's calls.  I'd never 
>heard that before!
>It was after 11:00 when we finally finished our journal entries for the 
>day.  Tomorrow is a big day for us, as we've set a goal of ~16 miles into 
>Harper's Ferry.  There we'll get our first "zero miles" days.
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