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[at-l] READY's journal: June 16 Saturday TD 11 Pt 2

>We made excellent time, getting into the shelter, just as the rain came at 
>about 6:45 pm.
>We went down to the spring for water, where I discovered there was a 
>"hiker shower," a basic pvc pipe suspended at approximately 3 feet off the 
>ground - a mere trickle of ice cold  water coming through it. That was 
>enough for me!  Spur laughed as I stripped down to luxuriate in my 
>shower.  It was such a delight to feel clean again.
>Back at the shelter, Spur prepared our dinner - spaghetti - while I 
>prepared the sleeping area.
>We chatted for awhile with Chops and Blowing Sunshine, who were also 
>staying at th shelter.  Mudbman and another hiker were already asleep for 
>the night.
>We were journaling by 8:30 to the arhythmic sounds of rain on the 
>shelter's tin roof, and sleeping, ourselves, shortly after. Tomorrow we 
>hike "the Roller Coaster."  I think I'm going to need this sleep. ;-)
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