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[at-l] READY's journal: June 14 Thursday Trailday 9

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>Subject: June 14 Thursday Trailday 9
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>There's a phenomenon about trail town stops that's indisputable.  I'm not 
>talking about how 15 minutes of time shows up as an hour of time 
>passed.  Time, indeed, does speed up in town. What I'm referring to is how 
>every ache, mosquito bite and rub/hot spot on your body feels suddenly 
>free to let loose and express itself.
>I must have 200 mosquito and assorted insect bites! Only one blister, but 
>it is demanding top-billing in this drama. I have muscle aches where I 
>didn't even know I had muscles!
>It's as if the body recognizes that it's in town and therefore doesn't 
>have to walk for awhile.  It's actually probably a blessing - cuz, were I 
>to be on the Trail right now, I'd be seriously considering my sanity about 
>this hike.
>So ends the "philosophising" portion of this entry and on to what actually 
>happened today....
>We awakened reasonably early today.  Most of the others had already packed 
>up and left; the hillside above the shelter was empty, where just last 
>night it had been "tent city."
>Today, our quiet shelter mate was more talkative.  We learned that his 
>trail name, T.I.L.T is an acronym for "traveling is living twice."  He has 
>traveled all over the world.
>This is his first extended hike.  He seems not to be liking it as much as 
>his previous adventures.  He talked about having a treasure to 
>see/experience at journey's end, whereas here on the AT, it seems as 
>though it's only "get up and walk some more" day after day.
>It brings to mind the thread that Sloetoe had started on atl, 
>"ribbons."  Hikers fall into 2 general categories: those who see the trail 
>as a ribbon, enjoying the hiking for hiking's sake, and those who hike 
>from camp to camp, seeing the hiking portion as the more or less merely 
>means to get there.  Interesting to consider....
>Frank, aka TILT, was also apparently burdened by his heavy load.  He was 
>carrying a 7+ pound tent.  He was suffering from bad knees.  The 
>conversation naturally turned to lightening loads, and we shared a morning 
>of energetic conversation about lightweight techniques. Frank took many 
>notes. 'Hope his hike becomes more enjoyable with time.
>We left Frank and the shelter, and started our day's hike, which began 
>with what appeared last night to be an arduous climb up.  It went smoothly 
>and easily.  Wonderful what a good night's sleep and a few meals can do to 
>restore strength!
>We hiked strong and enjoyed the sections of trailwork along the 
>way.  There were many examples of excellent trail maintenance here. We 
>climbed up an absolutely stunning and well-crafted rock staircase. Just 
>after, Spur announced that I had just completed my 100th mile!  Wow, so soon!?
>We ate our lunch at the Tom Floyd Wayside shelter, where I also took time 
>to soak my sore right foot. These shoes were not the panacea that we'd 
>hoped they'd be.  My right foot was again paining me.
>We reached our road crossing and got a ride after (what I thought was) a 
>long time.  A man with his twin girls stopped and I got to have my first 
>ride ever in the back of a pick up truck - a childhood dream!  It was 
>great to feel the air rush past as we sped along the highway into Front Royal.
>We got out at a 7-11 and had some slurpee style drinks, before heading off 
>to find the hotel for the night.  En route we passed a shopping center, 
>featuring many shops and a K-Mart.
>I tried on shoes at the K-Mart.  We found a pair that I could probably 
>use, but decided to look for a more reliable brand. We then walked to a 
>small shoe shop and found a pair of Reeboks that would do nicely. We opted 
>for the size 7, mostly out of fear that my foot would need the extra room 
>should the swelling not recede.
>Patches and Sticks were in town too! We found our motel and immediately 
>fell asleep.  No journal tonite.
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