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[at-l] READY's journal June 13 Wednesday Trailday 8 part 1

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>Subject: June 13 Wednesday Trailday 8     part 1
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>My worst day on the trail - and it was still pretty great.
>We had breakfast at a nearby restaurant, "Alexander's" before heading ofto 
>do some chores.  Number one on the list: find some gel inserts for my 
>shoes.  The sole of my right foot was tender and swollen, and we were 
>hoping the added cushioning would help.
>We were dismayed at the prices at the drugstore - $42 and $50 for a 3/4 
>and full-length insert, respectively.  Each version had features that 
>would work and features that would be problematic. We opted forthe thinner 
>3/4 length, fearing that the thicker ones would eat up too much room in my 
>already crowded shoes.
>We headed off to the post office next, where we had hoped to find our 
>package waiting for us.  I had planned to set up my shoes with the inserts 
>while Spur sorted the contents of the package.
>As we waited for the clerk to doublecheck the storeroom, a little 
>barefooted girl amused us by industriously dropping every pamphlet she 
>could lay hands on into the outgoing mailbox.
>The clerk returned to inform us that there was no package here for us. We 
>went to "plan B," buy some food in town and have the package forwarded 
>down the Trail.  I sat out at the curbside and tinkered with the gel inserts.
>They were simply too short and the drop-off at the ball of my foot was 
>very pronounced: I feared that it would be the ideal makings of a 
>blister.  We trudged back uphill to the pharmacy and exchanged them for 
>the long inserts, which turned out to cost the same as the 3/4 length 
>A customer at the drugstore warned me that the news on every local t.v. 
>station had put out heat warnings for today - it was going to be a scorcher!
>Undaunted by such news, we were ready to get back to the Trail, 6 miles 
>down the road. The inserts had been installed, and seemed towork out.
>We stopped at the Chamber of Commerce where we understood a Mr. Jenkins, 
>trail angel, would likely  be able to secure us a ride to the 
>Trail.  Unfortunately, we were informed that he was "in Winchester today 
>and won't be returning any time soon."  We decided to hitch.
>It seemed a long time before we got a ride, but Spur insisted that it had 
>been an "easy hitch."  I decided then and there that I don't like hitching.
>Our ride is courtesy of a delghtful woman named Quinta, 5th daughter of an 
>Hispanic family.  She was fascinated to hear about our hike and we found 
>her equally interesting.  She is the operator of a business renting 
>vacation cabins, "DeerLaneCabins.com." We were almost sorry to reach the 
>trailhead and have to say goodbye to our "new" friend.
>We hit the trail at 12:22, the next stop, Elkwallow Wayside, where we 
>could have blackberry shakes and buy our food for the next several 
>days.  The hiking was good.  It was indeed hot, and there were some 
>climbs, but nothing too demanding.
>Although I usually take the lead position, this time Spur went out 
>front.  Spur likes to listen to tapes as he hikes; I decided to try out my 
>tiny radio.  It took awhile to pull in station, but the first song I 
>encountered had the lyrics, "there's no place I'd rather be than where I 
>am right now."  How wonderfully fitting!
>Spur sped off up the next climb.  I [typically] lagged behind unconcerned, 
>since I usually catch him at or right after a descent. He disappeared into 
>the distance.
>After about 15 minutes and at the crest of a climb, the heat and some 
>freshly mowed trialside brush had me wheezing. I panicked and it became 
>worse. I searched for Spur but couldn't see him. After a bit, I had 
>regained some calm and felt better, but I was making slow progress.
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