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The Garvey Icon:....was Re: [at-l] E*Mail Effectiveness

--- RoksnRoots@aol.com wrote:
>    *** I also made a comment about Garvey being a good example for 
> traditionalism. There were few responses except that, "I'm just not 
> listening???" 

### I heard it! I heard it! I'm just not able to participate enough to get
halfway into a conversation that glibly tosses the name "Ed Garvey"
I won't sully the name with my own (forced) inattention, and I couldn't
keep up my end of a decent thread right now. But I would note, just for
North America has Lief Erickson
                   The AT throughhiker has The NY/NJ Boy Scouts of '36.
North America has Christopher Columbus
                   The AT throughhiker has Earl Shaffer
North America has George Washington
                   The AT throughhiker has Edward Garvey
North America has Patrick Henry and Thomas Payne
                   The AT throughhiker has Warren Doyle and Dan Bruce

As we're fast approaching the anniversary of our country's declaration of
yoke-tossing and of self-taxation, let us remember the Father of our
country: a man known by the traditions he carried, and the grace with
which he carried them. Let's not be side-tracked by the other players --
som eof great influence -- who might have made their contributions and
passed in obscurity.

Hoping I might be Garvey-approved,*

** Only met Garvey once -- in May of '79 during his visit to The Place. I
*avoided* him mostly -- annoyed by the hero-worshipping syncophants that
the other throughhikers turned into at the mere *possibility* that he'd
pay a visit. In an anti-social huff, I stayed on the front porch, paging
through a book hastily grabbed on my way out the door. The book was the
'72? Appalachian Hiker, and I found his thoughts on hiking alternatives so
intriguing that two weeks (?) later, I hiked out of Pearisburg carrying
nothing but salt, hard-boiled eggs, and a tub of Appalachian/Citadel
Spread. Been kicking myself for 22 years for not really saying "hi."

Spatior, Nitor, Nitor, In Nitor!

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