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[at-l] Evidence Of Trailplace Effectiveness

RoksnRoots@aol.com quotes from a private email sent to Bruce:
<< Dan:
[private comments about Saddleback removed]
I also want to thank you (belatedly) for the support you generated for the
Gulf tract near Max Patch. I'm familiar with that property. It will be a
great addition to the national forest and provide an excellent buffer for
the A.T. I know that the letters and calls of support generated by
Trailplace made a real difference with the appropriations staff in
Congress. Ultimately, the Gulf tract was one of only a relative handful of
line items in this year's LWCF appropriations bill.
Dave >>

 R&R has access to WingFraud's private emails.
 Oh, what a tangled web he weaves...

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