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[at-l] Equipment Sorting

Kids growing up doesn't necessarily mean there is more room for your 
stuff.  My oldest has been living in her own apartment for three years now 
and her room is still full of her stuff.  She is getting married in Sept 
and even though I joke that her room will become mine to do a railroad 
layout, I don't think it will happen until she and her future husband buy 
a house and I can pack it all up and deliver it to her.
> I have a chest of drawers. As the kids grow up, I am coming into a Room
> of My Own for camping and other hobbies:
> Top drawer: Summer hiking clothes
> Next: plastic bags, ziplocks, winter hiking clothes
> Next: Kitchen stuff and bottles, filters
> 4th drawer: Small stuff in shoe boxes like flashlights, 1st aid, etc.
> 5th drawer: Stoves (yep - enough to fill a drawer - Anyone want to help
> me found Gearheads Anonymous?)
> Bottom: big things, stakes, tent poles, tents
> - Gary from Fairfax
> > I use shelves too.  On the shelves are large clear plastic boxes.  I
> > have one for ...
> >
> > Cosmo
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