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[at-l] Minerva Hinchey Shelter

It's a lovely day here in the verdant hills of Vermont.  A gentle breeze is 
blowing to keep most of the biting bugs at bay so I headed to my adopted 
shelter Minerva Hinchey to spruce it up.  I hadn't been there in a while.  
It's still standing.  The Wada is flowing, cool and refreshing. Swept, 
bleached and picked up trash.  Put in a wash pit, courtesy of Miller 
Carpentry Company, over a month ago.  

Summer is finally here.  The pool is 84*.  The south Monent garden is 
stunning, full of red, orange, pink and white oriental poppies, shasta 
daisies, lupines of every color, tall bearded iris, Siberian iris and 
Japanese iris.  Anyone want a part time job weeding gardens so I can hike 
some more?  The pay is lousy but the scenery is grand.

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