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[at-l] Evidence Of Trailplace Effectiveness

I have not said anything on this topic for fear of being labeled a "WF toadie".
(Funny, I don't feel like a toadie, but then again I haven't yet felt the
sting of your keyboards). I have got to agree with R&R on this issue.
To those of you who do not agree that these Trailplace email campaigns have
been effective, I say that you are judging without having the facts. Having
been on both at-l and atml for the duration of all these campaigns, and looking
at things from a distance (way out here in Ohio), I have seen it all.
The email campaigns HAVE made a positive and significant difference in all
three instances (Saddleback, especially Gulf Tract, and Putnam Mine).
It is sad that WF has decided to suspend these efforts as long as the
Bush (at least I can post this word here) administration is in office.
Dave Hughes
Worthington, OH

> ... I find the E.D. of ATC
> at least a minimally credible reference. ATC has the decency and integrity to
> acknowledge a sincere Trail effort. Other responses do nothing but seek the
> nearest excuse for marginalizing.
> ....