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[at-l] Re: mau har

>> Actually, I thought that in this case Three Ridges was harder, but I
>> would
>> agree it's arguable,
> Yep - although I wouldn't argue it :)  Probably for those folks who
> prefer
> "ups" maybe! I mean, there is a reason its a short cut - it's much
> steeper.
> Maybe I was just zonked by it because it was my first real backpacking
> trip,
> and we hiked Three Ridges that morning south, had lunch at the shelter
> there
> close to where the two trails meet, then wen't back up the Mau Har to
> the
> Maupin Field shelter.  By the time we were within a mile of the top, I
> was
> sitting next to a stream saying "Go ahead, Toney, see ya tomorrow . .
> . "  It
> was hot, bugs were everywhere, and I was one whooped puppy.  I did
> eventually
> make it to the top - where I immediately crawled into the tent to
> escape the
> bugs and just breathed heavy until Toney had dinner cooked :)
> The Redhead

May I please borrow Toney sometimes? GOOD Toney!

- Gary from Fairfax