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[at-l] mau har

In a message dated 6/18/01 4:35:02 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
garyticknor@starpower.net writes:

> Actually, I thought that in this case Three Ridges was harder, but I would 
> agree
> it's arguable,

Yep - although I wouldn't argue it :)  Probably for those folks who prefer 
"ups" maybe! I mean, there is a reason its a short cut - it's much steeper.  
Maybe I was just zonked by it because it was my first real backpacking trip, 
and we hiked Three Ridges that morning south, had lunch at the shelter there 
close to where the two trails meet, then wen't back up the Mau Har to the 
Maupin Field shelter.  By the time we were within a mile of the top, I was 
sitting next to a stream saying "Go ahead, Toney, see ya tomorrow . . . "  It 
was hot, bugs were everywhere, and I was one whooped puppy.  I did eventually 
make it to the top - where I immediately crawled into the tent to escape the 
bugs and just breathed heavy until Toney had dinner cooked :)

The Redhead

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