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[at-l] AT traditions, was Wanchor Report

Adding to the cairn in honor of trail maintainers at the Pinnacle in PA.

- Gary from Fairfax

> Hey, isn't that one of the AT traditions?    Eating a half gallon of ice
> cream at the halfway point for a stupid little wooden spoon. (didn't have the
> five bucks)
> Now it's coming back, but I can only remember two others.  Number one,
> picking up a small stone at Springer and placing it on Katahdin. (didn't
> learn of this 'til I was well up the trail)
> And number three,  mooning that godawful cog railway on Mt Washington!
> (probably my best day on the trail)
> Any other traditions, I may have forgetton about?
> Sly
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