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[at-l] Correction to URL and new URL

Excellent site, allowing substantial editing of the form letters on a 
number of environmental issues. There does not appear to be a censoring 
feature or punitive quality regarding whether one chooses to use this 
resource or to use snail mail and individual contact with legislators.

I still question how well form letters of any sort are received by 
legislators, primarily form individual experience in this area. This sort 
of tool may at least begin an education for citizens regarding contact with 
their representatives in legislative bodies as well as other regulatory 
agencies. It really is simple, costs only the price of creating and mailing 
the letter, and competes well with the political action committees. 
Politicians know that contact with constituents is more important than PAC 
endorsements, although financing reelection campaigns remains very 
problematic for us all.


At 10:17 AM 6/18/2001 -0400, rick boudrie wrote:
>Just correcting a typo.  The AMC web site is www.outdoors.org (not  .com)