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[at-l] Grayson Highlands hike

I had a grand hike today. I've been staying in Damascus, so this morning 
early I headed up to Grayson Highlands to hike out to Rhododendron Gap and 
back. This section of trail was part of the first day of our first ever 
backpack four years ago, and it was a horrible beginning. It was rainy and 
foggy and no views at all. 

Wow! What a difference. I wanted to hike today because the Damascus area has 
had lots of rain all of June, but today was supposed to be bright and 
sunny--and it was. I could hardly move for gawking. That bit of trail is 
gorgeous--spectacular even. We thought it would be if we could see it. ;-)

I met a guy hiking with his daughter. He said they'd hiked the same stretch 
yesterday and saw nothing because of rainy fog, so they had to do it again 
today. I was impressed with the number of people I saw hiking with their 
children. That was pretty neat.