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[at-l] Recipes

In a message dated 6/17/01 3:12:56 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
wb4pan@mindspring.com writes:

> Maybe we should start a separate recipe archive or web site
> devoted to the foods and recipes hikers enjoy.    

Geesh -give a person a chance ;)  Actually, that is one of the things that 
will be on our AT-L page - but before it goes up, I need to figure out if a) 
I'm going to do all the inputing or b) we can set it up so people can put up 
their own recipes.  But it will happen.  Eventually we'll have one heck of a 
bunch of lister backpacking recipes, all available to us, all the time :)  I 
already asked Gothic Girl if I could include hers, and she said yes.  I also 
intend to add a special section just for chocolate <g> and of course, I 
expect Give Me Chocolate to contribute ;-)

The Redhead

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