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[at-l] No Further Recipes Will Be Posted

Someone has said if you do not like the post just hit the delete key.  I for one am interested in receipes.  I todays paper there is an article about a couple who bakes what they call "Mookies"  The lady made up the receipe because they were hikers.  They wanted something nutrious, but not cruble or melt down. She said it is a cross between a muffing and a cookie. They did not provide the receipe, because this is a marketing venture for them.  I guess these sell for $1.25 locally.  I think I will go get one and see what it is like.  Plodder

> Hard to imagine that anyone was offended?????  At what?  I thought they
> were interesting enough to save in my file.  Eating is a big part of
> hiking, keeping your nutrition up and making it enjoyable.  


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