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[at-l] Zippers (was:! Shelter Etiquette)

>Now...the killer.  The one noise almost everyone makes.  The zipper on the
bag or the tent.......
Is it better to pull it fast with one mighty UNZIPPPPPPPPPP, or
slowly....tortured tooth by tooth u u u u u u u n n n n n n z z z z i i i i
p p p p p p p p p p p pp pp p p p p p p p p pppppppppppp?  Sensitive souls
want to know...

In '97, when I was involved with a group going end-to-end, we made a rule
for this.  We called the quick zipping/unzipping of a tent "slamming the
tent".  This quick zip/unzip would invariably awaken someone, if not
everyone.  So the edict was to sloooooooowly unzip the tent, tooth by tooth,
thus not disturbing another soul.  And another edict was to use a pee
bottle, so that you don't have to get out of the tent in the first place...