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[at-l] R 'n R's Apology For Traditionalism

If you would have been reading you would see this.  As Redhead pointed out, folks on a real regular basis talk about their trail maintance trips.  It is not a self horn tooting thing, but oh, BTW, here is what I did this week.  I do not know alot about dollars donated, but I know a lot of effort, time and money was contributed to The Place in Damascus from the folks on this list.

Why not quit comparing this list with Trail Place.  If you like what is going on there fine, but stop comparing the two.  Plodder

 Well, I for one would like to see more people posting their contributions to 
the trail in the way of volonnteerism,money spent "their own" and other sorts 
of thing rather than these lonngggggg threads of complaints about a certain 
few .


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