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[at-l] Attention 1997 AT hikers.... it's reunion time!

Hello Fellow Hikers and Friends,

	We’re organizing a hiker reunion this fall at Bear’s Den hostel in 
West Virginia for the class of 1997.  This has been an annual event and 
this year we want to make it bigger than ever! (Previously Solophile had 
organized the event but she has passed the torch to us.)  Bear’s Den has 
plenty of beds available and tenting spots outside, so feel free to bring 
your husband/wife, significant other, or anyone interested in the AT 

	 Since four years have passed since our AT hikes, we should’ve had 
plenty of time to complete other life journeys.  Bring your pictures, 
slides, stories, and kids (if you’ve got them) to share with everyone. 
(Will have a slide projector so don't worry about that.)  The cost is 
reasonable - about $15 per person, per night, and we will usually take up a 
collection to do community dinner on Saturday night.  We’re bringing a 
gas grill and plan on doing a barbecue Saturday.  

	 Bear's Den hostel is near Harper's Ferry, West Virginia and 
hopefully you will find the location convenient.  Washington Dulles 
International Airport is about 35 miles away.

	We've reserved the hostel for the entire weekend, from September 
14th to September 16th.  Show up Friday night, go for a day hike on 
Saturday, and share more stories and pictures that night.  How can you 
possibly say no?

	Send us a reply so that we know how many people will attend. 

	Some of you may have already received this letter, but I'm trying to 
get the word out as best as possible.  Also, many of us have moved and 
our contact list is out of date.  If you know of other 1997 hikers that 
aren’t on our list, or addresses that we’ve got wrong, please reply by 
email, snail mail, or phone with current addresses. 

					See you this fall,

					Dingle & HatTrick
					Mike & Jenn Baehre

{ HYPERLINK mailto:Mike.baehre@erols.com }mike.baehre@erols.com

3215 Viscount Court
Annandale, VA  22003