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[at-l] New Gear

My two kids both have the Kelty Coyote,  It fits them perfectly and is made
last and grows with them.  My son has never complained about his pack and he

has taken in on MANY scouting trips.  My daughter loves her pack but uses it
for overnighters and once on a backpacking trip.  Good back pack!


SKCS (SW/AW) Russ Drake
Stock Control LCPO
"Ready for Sea"

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Let me know what you think of your new Kelty Coyote. I just bought the Jr.
version for my 8 year old. I was VERY impressed with its construction and
details when I unpacked it. His birthday isn't 'till next month, so we will
have to wait for his reaction. (I predict it will be "can we go hiking this
weekend Dad?")

Lee I Joe

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