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[at-l] Pinnacccles of Dan and other history

 You missed a great shelter, two great views, and my section.


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I didn't find reference to that on the NATBC site, but that was fun to
visit. They seem to have some very neat group walks. 

The pipe you refer to - I know that Lynchburg's Pedlar Reservoir (trail
is getting relocated away from it) had a large wooden pipe - at least
in the early years to serve Lynchburg. Is that what you are meaning? 

With fond remembrances of Punchbowl to RFG 10/99, wondering what I
missed when I enjoyed the falls and blue blazed Mau Har Trail.


--- Chase Davidson <wb4pan@mindspring.com> wrote:
> The canyon also has a neat man made object. A large wooden pipe that
> carries water from the dam, along the canyon wall then down to the
> small
> power plant in Kibler Valley. This is the beginning of the Dan River.

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