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[at-l] was Surrender


	The trail did cross The Pinnacles of Dan. This is the route Earl
Shaffer took. The 1948 AT guide book has this to say about the great
canyon there. "This is the most difficult section on the entire AT. Do
not enter the canyon unless you have at least 6 hours of daylight left."
I have been over the Pinnacles and there are still white blazes there!
The Pinnacles remind me of some of the Whites where the trail goes now.
I think the NBATC will host a hike there later this year. Everyone is
welcome to come along. For more info see.. http://www.inmind.com/nbatc/
	The canyon also has a neat man made object. A large wooden pipe that
carries water from the dam, along the canyon wall then down to the small
power plant in Kibler Valley. This is the beginning of the Dan River.


>Lynn Setzer wrote:
> lots of them; plus the Trail has been relocated lots.  Didn't it swerve down
> close to Danville, Va once?  My white-haired father thinks he recalls the AT
> being close to the Pinnacles of Dan.