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[at-l] Re: Shelter Etiquette

At 08:42 AM 6/16/01 -0700, Orange Bug wrote:
>Thank goodness I re-read that you meant the bag or the tent. I was
>wondering which zipper and who was doing the pulling. Thank goodness
>you got that image corrected!

Images........you want images?

It was fine way to wait out a thunderstorm.  In fact the best way any
man and any woman had ever spent time as the skys collided in frenzied
fury.  We lay there, side by side, bathed in purple tarp-glo and after glow.
Her hair curled, just inches from my nose, I wondered how it could still smell
so sweet after two days on the Trail. She lifted her head and the light in her
green eyes said we may not make more miles today. Her hand slid across

Wait a minute....how old is Brandon nowadays?