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[at-l] May I bring this meeting to order...

I think we should mount an email campaign...

pittsia eudora-ovia

> I want to make a report by the Ad Hoc committee for Cell Phone Tower
> placement in Hot Springs. I've found a nice little lot near the school
> that would do well. There is a small house there violating zoning by
> operating as a Center. No one is ever home. The only problem is the
> asbestos insulation someone tore out of there and left in the front
> yard. We are awaiting an advisory from the EPA about toxic waste, but
> initial opinion suggested that was redundant. Should we plan a
> demolition weekend in July or January or wait on the EPA?
> OB
> --- richard mann <hike-usa@msn.com> wrote:
> > What other projects can we discuss before this goes to a vote?
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