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[at-l] NPS Morning Report

At 11:25 PM 6/15/01 -0400, FLATers@webtv.net wrote: Even freaked Fur out a 
bit! He said
>" Man, when I die, don't have all that crap done on me. Just throw me in
>a pine box and bury me in the woods." I said, "Nope. You are NOT allowed
>to die your own death!"

Flashback.... 1968....a party in the woods.  Under the influence of a
recently illegal but mind 'expanding' drug, I sat by a stream marveling
at a hunk of moss.  Lush beyond compare,  Delicate beyond the ability
of man's hand,  Tenacious, it clung to a rock despite the constant pounding
of the water.  I became overwhelmed with the need to feel the moss.
I carefully extended my bare foot.  The instant I touched the moss it dislodged
and floated downstream, leave a bare nothing...a void tribute to my 
That moss which had withstood all that it's life threw at it, that could hold
on against the water's force ....and all I need to do was greedily touch it
and that touch was death.

I got upset.  Not noticeably so from the outside, but my mind mourned the 
of that moss.  I need to leave the scene of my crime and as I put my hand down
for balance in gaining my feet, I snapped off a lady slipper.  The next few
minutes were not pleasant.  Until I found a bare piece of ledge on which to
perch, my every movement seemed to kill something....something that lived 
in the
woods where I was just a visitor.

My mind raced through a life of killing and destruction.  I had no right to 
be there.
I contributed nothing.  Even in my death, my body would not be allow to be 
for the critters and worms and microbes of the woods.  It would be pumped full
of chemicals and locked in metal and the metal locked in concrete and plunked
in a field where nothing grew but fertilized and herbacided monograss.  And
people would kill/cut flowers to place on my grave to rot.

It was an awful six hours.  I went on with my life and I have to say that
freed from the influence of Dr Leary's tiny pill, I didn't retain the same 
level of
sensitivity I had achieved on that rock.  But a seed was planted.  A mindset
that evolved till I have found some comfort level with the degree of 
I commit.

Vegetarianism, Krishna,  trailcare and the reef I build are all stages I pass
through to the point where how lightly I tread is an almost constant feature
of my life.  Two resolves have survived intact.  I hate cut flowers....(don't
send me roses) and at my death I will be toasted and tossed so that
what ever nutrients survive the crematorium can return to the earth.

The above is not an attempt to justify screwing around with very powerful
psychoactive substances.  I often wonder if my current memory problems
can be traced to all the crap I put my brain thru.  Just a memory that
Fur and that program triggered.....
PS...the massage part really got to me...Yuck.....and cosmetized?????

Save the eastern forests....cut down acid rain...prevent pollution...save money
Install a clothesline    Little things count