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[at-l] People vs LAND

I think you might do well to read McKaye's work as well as you own
comments. You are self contradictory. Unfortunately, this has not been
a debate but a sad Python-esque "arguement." If we wanted pointless
arguement and accusations, we could simply stay at home and spend more
time with our spouses. ;-)

If you ever decide to learn about McKaye and Avery, please let us know.
If you ever decide to learn about those whose lands we walk upon, I
hope you will find reverence for their losses. If you really know
something that is new to us, please cite a reference. Otherwise, I
doubt your credibility is sufficient for anyone to bother reading


--- RoksnRoots@aol.com wrote:
>     It is embarrassing to see such a wrongheaded reversal of the
> truth being 
> used against me. You only need to simply read MacKaye's prospectus to
> see 
> that the man whose head the Trail was born from spoke mainly of
> preserving 
> wild Lands in the AT project. If you even had an inkling of what he
> intended 
> you would see the unprotected lands you praise were anathema to the
> project 
> and the project was a response in itself to save wilderness from the 
> inevitable result of unprotectedness. The people you lament are also
> the ancestors of people currently cashing in on their land ...

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