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[at-l] my HYOH

OK, my plans are slowly coming together. I don't have enough food made up yet and probably won't be
the time I depart (no "hometeam" to make packages as I go; ah well...). However, that is OK. I know
what to expect and that is good enough. I've still got to call the AT Lodge in Millinocket and get a
reservation. Still not sure how the start of my hike will work with all the troubles of getting into
Baxter I've read about (though I'll start on a MOnday or perhaps even Tuesday). My gear list has
shaped up and I'm pleased with it (posted it before). I think my mail drop schedule is also pretty
much set up (thanks for the comments).

So, I'll start hiking in July. Get off the trail in late September to hike out west with friends.
Return to the AT after that and continue hiking south. And then, the big decision will come up. What
to do about the largest chunk I've already done. I'll play hiking Virginia by ear. We'll see how I
feel. Who knows perhaps I'll be really wanting to return to Ann Arbor and soak in a few good shows
at The Ark by then (something I will definitely miss - they just had a small send-off party for me

I'll post my final mail drop schedule soon.

I may not be hiking every white blaze (of course as many know I don't even see every white blaze)
but it will be my hike and I'm going to enjoy it. Who knows maybe I'll get lucky and see some of my
fellow listers on the trail. If I don't then I'll just have to wait until the RUCK I imagine since I
don't see how I'll possibly make the Gathering.

I'm feeling nervous and a bit overwhelmed right now. I'm excited too. In just over two weeks
Katahdin and I meet for the first time. In about one week I'll go off-line from the list exept for
the infrequent message I'll mail from wonderful town libraries along the way.

  ** Ken **

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