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[at-l] Re: Shelter Etiquette

If night has fallen then things should quiet down. If dawn has come things can liven up.

I'm not putting more precise times on then that. After all, if we held to those times in the far
north quiet time would come while there is an awful lot of light left.

However, I do think there are some rules of thumb to follow. If you find yourself the first up in
the morning and no one else is stirring it is rather rude to light your whisper(not)light stove and
wake everyone up with its roar. The same applies if you are going to make dinner when everyone is
falling asleep. Worse, if you are coming into a camp at night (or leaving in the dark of pre-dawn)
be sure not to aim your light where people's eyes might be. Don't shine a bright headlamp into a
shelter. If you need some light shield it. Better yet, use something that won't destroy night vision
like a red light (it won't wake nearly as many people up either).

If you are going to be making noise ask if eople mind. If they don't then go ahead and do what you
must with a minimum of fuss. However, if people are less than thrilled remember tht you came in (or
are leaving) late at night and you have to pay a bit of a price for that. That price might mean
making your noise far enough away not to bother people.

  ** Ken **
On 6/15/01 at 3:22 PM, MrsGorp@aol.com wrote:

> What do you folks think are appropriate wake up and quiet times in a shelter? 
> 6:00am and 9:00pm?
> I found that if it's a shelter filled with long distance hikers, by 8:30pm it 
> seems like hiker midnight and most hikers are zoned out, in their bags, ready 
> for another blissful night of slumber.   Folks start to rumble around 5:45am 
> to 6:00am and no one seems annoyed.  Everyone goes about their business and 
> back to the trail.
> However, if the shelter has a "mixed" crowd, IOW, a few hikers that aren't 
> going the distance, 8:30pm is too early for them to quiet down.  In the 
> morning, the late risers give an evil squinted one eyed glare then burrow 
> their head into their sleeping bag in disgust as the early risers stir about. 

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