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[at-l] New Gear

The gear fairy made a trip to my place this week and now I am the pour downer 
of new toys. 

I bought a new summer bag this week when I was at Walasi-yi. In fact, we ALL 
bought new bagsI  40* mummy but it seems to be a very generous mummy.  The 
web site says 15 ounces and even with the stuff sack, it was still less than 
a pound.  http://www.ferrino-usa.com/hlmicro.html

I also ordered a new pack which came via UPS this morning. I had picked it 
out with Sloetoe and Vera last weekend but waited until I got home to order 
it because I already had two packs with me in Indiana. It's a Kelty Coyote 

Guess I should have gone hiking tonight, huh?  Maybe tomorrow.....


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