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[at-l] OCD & HYOH

I understood that, which was my reference toward salvaging your ear.
(Wormwood/Van Gogh/Absenthe makes the heart grow weirder)

However, I have a great interest in OCD and was putting that out there
if someone needed an ear or would like to enlighten me off list. The
OCD I usually see would never get caught without showering and cleaning
rituals available. I suspect there are other areas where OCD might
occur and just try to leave the light on just in case.


--- rick boudrie <rickboudrie@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hey!  My post was meant to be 95% tongue-in-cheek.  That's why I
> included 
> the Oprah reference, the wife caring the tent, the Ivory Billed
> Woodpecker 
> (almost certainly extinct, but perhaps a few in Louisiana spotted),
> and a desire to find worm-wood.

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