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[at-l] May I bring this meeting to order...

May this meeting of the AT-Lowlife Center for Trail Advocacy come to

Tonights discussion is "What will be our next trail advocacy project?"  We
have four possibilities:  1)  Replace the scorched section of the Allentown
Shelter;  2)  Replace the scorched section of OrangeBug's arm;  3)  Spiff up
the rebar along Beaver Brook;  4)  Reroute the trail away from Hot

What other projects can we discuss before this goes to a vote?  [Remember,
we can only accept votes that come in via email, so hurry home after the
meeting and cast that vote]...

A reminder:  Listen to radio station WWWD for the latest in "everything AT".
At 8:00pm tommorrow night, there will be a round table discussion with the
topic "The Definitions Of R&R's Big Words", including "enterers" and

The code we set up for AT-L posts to keep certain people <wink wink> out of
the loop is working just fine.  As a test, please decode this:  "Felix and
O'Henry will rip up the insulation at RSC during the southern RUCK at POGs
house in July - HYOH"

Our next meeting will be held in the trailer park meeting hall, with bowling
afterwards.  See you then...