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[at-l] OCD

Don't go cutting off your ear to spite your delusions!

A bit of obsessiveness goes with this sport. To carry a pack, you have to 
consider what you need to be comfortable or to survive. We weigh our 
ounces. We have all had that experience of dropping some vital gear, and 
had to walk back until we either found it or found the gentle friend 
carrying our lost valuable. It can be a reasonable idea to create a ritual 
for your pre-put-the-pack-on-and-walk-away check, just as it is (for me) a 
good idea to have a place for the map, the camera, today's GORP, the jacket 
and the water without having to take the pack off.

My comment about the medications was perhaps an ill-conceived joke, 
especially as OCD is one of my many challenges each day.


At 03:54 PM 6/15/2001 -0400, rick boudrie wrote:
>Anyway, I am getting a bit worried over this. Do others on this list have 
>similar problems (and I wasn't kidding about those zippers) or should I 
>cross post this?  I am thinking drugs might be the way to go. Can you find 
>worm-wood along the AT?