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[at-l] OCD

"That's okay. We have some real good medications for that problem now. ;-)"

Just following up on that, I was watching Oprah and heard something about 
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I am looking for a consult.

Every time I put on my pack, I find that I must (MUST) physically check that 
all zippers are closed.  If for some reason I get a few (and it would only 
be a very few) feet down the Trail after putting my pack on without having 
checked, I MUST stop and look at(no, touch)those frickin' zippers. Even if I 
only went in one pocket, I need to check them all.

I have been able to cover this compulsion up with some success.  I usually 
announce something like "I need to get out the binoculars, I thought that 
was an Ivory Billed", or "God, I need another dried apricot", or "you just 
can't put on enough deet to combat these bugs" then go about my zipper 
routine.  Problem with this is that my wife often thinks I am acting out of 
exhaustion and wants too carry my half of the shared gear.  I love her too 
much for that, especially since she is already probably lugging the tent.

Anyway, I am getting a bit worried over this. Do others on this list have 
similar problems (and I wasn't kidding about those zippers) or should I 
cross post this?  I am thinking drugs might be the way to go. Can you find 
worm-wood along the AT?

Rick B

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