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[at-l] Equipment Sorting

I use shelves too.  On the shelves are large clear plastic boxes.  I 
have one for Water (bottles, filters, bladders), another for Food 
(Ramen, Liptons, spices, gorp, etc.), another for Kitchen (stove, 
fuel, pot, utensils), one for First Aid/Toiltries/Repair.  Clothes 
are in a cheap wally-world 5 drawer dresser. Bags, pad, pack, poles, 
and tents are on wire shelves on the wall above the dresser.  I 
usually leave the tops off the boxes to make sure stuff can dry out 
after being put away--although since it never rains whin I hike, this 
probably isn't really necessary....

When it's time to go, I just go from box to box pulling something 
from each according to the weather and type of hike.

I have another shelf with tools for maintenance trips (bow saw, pick 
mattox, clippers, various battery powered tools, hammers, hardware, 
AT signage, etc).

I still tend to over supply myself a bit, but I don't forget too many 
things (much).