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[at-l] Equipment Sorting

That's okay. We have some real good medications for that problem now.  ;-)

I do something a bit in between. I have large mesh bags and the big floppy 
sleeping bag container. My cooking gear is consistent and lives in the 
pack, hanging on a hook by the bug. My Leki's stay attached to the pack. 
The Nomad lives next to the pack, and my hammock is in the back yard ready 
for me to take it down with the tree hugging webbing when I'm ready to 
roll. My first aid kit is consistent with few substitutions, and lives in 
my pack's top bag, along with the Petzl, compass, paper & pencil, and other 
necessities. Clothing is the only variable, for me. It lives in the mesh 
bags, sorted for warm or cold weather. Rain gear and pack cover live in the 
pack, after learning from experience. A standard 2 days' food supply lives 
in my freezer, ready to get thrown in the pack and the car. My boots live 
next to the pack where Mrs. Bug can be sure they stay out of her house. 
Socks live in my bedroom, and I won't go anywhere without them.

I don't car camp or do those water things. I don't go visit friends in the 
mountains without bringing my pack and gear. I get frequent eyerolls from 
friends and family. I also recommend a similar "kit" to non-hikers, as I 
have very convenient survival kit for natural disasters.


At 12:57 PM 6/15/2001 -0400, Bluetrail@aol.com wrote:
>I'm of the Sloetoe opinion--lists for everything.