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[at-l] Equipment sorting?

You could always do what I do - search for a section of the country where housing is less that what you are currently paying and then move there so you can get a bigger place with more room for gear! I'm only "half" kidding here. But...I am in the process of sorting my stuff based on what worked and didn't work when I only had a tiny portion of the living room to keep it in.

Clear plastic boxes work great for most items. I don't have to label them because I can pretty much identify the contents. It also probably helps that I have a really good memory as far as being able to find things that I have put away. My boxes are nice quality ones which cost a bit more but are worth it. http://www.containerstore.com/browse/index.jhtml?CATID=62570&FEEDCNT=3&start=7&page=2 

As far as sorting goes, I use a system based on suggestions I got from others, modified to suit my specific needs. All the water stuff goes into one box. Filters, platypi, naleges, polar pure, etc. Cooking stuff in another one.  Extra toiletries all go into one very large box - anyone need a spare toothbrush? Maps in another. Dinners in one box, snack and lunch stuff in another. Well, you get the idea. The eventual plan was to have the boxes lined up in an orderly fashion in my gear room closet, but that hasn't happened yet.  the sleepign bags are all hung on the large comforter/drape hangers you can get at the dry cleaners.

I don't have stuff listed out in a spreadsheet or on paper because I am just not that organized. Besides, I need to touch and feel stuff before I decide whether I want to bring it with me.