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[at-l] Temp Comparison

Hi -

Some interesting stats today comparing temperatures between New England's 
peaks and the southern peaks. The numbers below are for the 24 hour period 
ending this morning. Mount Washington was three degrees shy of their all 
time record high yesterday, and today may be even warmer. This was only 
slightly cooler than LeConte (the highest weather station east of the 
Rockies), where yesterday's 70 degrees was one of their warmest days so far 
this year (day time readings there typically stay in the 60's all summer). 
Meanwhile, Mansfield has recently been warmer than both Mitchell and LeConte 
on several occasions.

MOUNT WASHINGTON NH  (6280)   69    56
MT. LECONTE TN       (6400)   70    51
MT. MANSFIELD VT    (3950 ??) 73    60
BEECH MOUNTAIN NC    (5069)   70    56
MOUNT MITCHELL NC    (6240)   69    54

Another interesting note - Bangor, Maine has had several 90+ degree days 
this season -- Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA have not yet hit 90 so far 
this year.

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