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R&R wrote:
>** The Dalton Hostel was closed due to a bad pack in 1985 too. How >many 
>hostels were closed in the sixties? There is no reason not to try and 
>reintroduce such a Trail atmosphere. This is traditionalism. What is wrong 
>with that?

Simple - there were no hostels in the sixties.  At the end of the 60's less 
than 100 people (total) had walked the entire Trail.  Again, your ignorance 
is showing.  In the 50's and 60's, the "hostels" were the rural communities 
and people along the Trail.  It was an entirely different Trail from what 
exists today - and yes, I wish we could go back there.  But we can't.  At 
least not on the AT. That "Trail", that "tradition" still exists - on the 
CDT. But between WF, the ATC and the sheer numbers of hikers, it's no longer 
aviable option on the AT. I think the closest analogs today are Erwin, with 
Red and Miss Janet, maybe Gorham, possibly a few other places.  That's 
tradition, R&R - what you're aiming for isn't.

Your traditionalism is a pipe dream.  It was never real - and never will be.

Kickin' rocks,

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