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[at-l] Hiking Ethics

HYOH, sure.

I wonder if anyone would tell Colin Fletcher to sit down, shut up and "hike 
your own hike" when he wrote the following:

"The very nature of the trail-guide beast custs clear across the grain:  the 
'sensible" subordination of doubt and chance; the mile-by-mile scheduling 
and checking; the rule of the written word.  It is all inapplicable, stupid. 
  It walls off, befor you have even begun, the values you have come so far 
to retrieve."

I wonder if anyone would tell Laura Waterman to pipe down and hike her own 
hike when she and her late husband wrote, among a whole lot of other good 
stuff, that they would like to see the day when "winter climbers, or parties 
penetrating the more remote areas in the summer, accept the genuine risk 
that they are on their own to handle all emergencies; to be their own sole 
resource for rescue (self-rescue); to have no way of letting anyone else 
know whats happening by means of airwaves.  Risk? Certainly"  (Both Quotes 
taken from "Wilderness Ethics")

Which brings me to the question.  If it is OK for folks of their stature to 
promote these kinds of ethics, why can't R & R and others do the same 
without being told "Sit down, shut up and hike your own hike".  It also 
brings me to the realization that talking about and promoting hiking and 
backcountry ethics is no way to win friends.

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