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[at-l] R&R trolls right along...

R&R continues to intentionally mislead: 
"I myself will comfort myself in the 3 millions and 12,000 acres"
R&R cannot show us evidence that WingFraud is responsible in any way for 
this. He cannot, because it's not true. R&R cannot show us any evidence that 
WingFraud has been given credit by any party involved. He can't because it's 
not true. R&R won't stop saying it, though. Because the truth doesn't fit his 
agenda of disrupting our list with smarmy trolls. C'mon, R&R, produce one 
single statement, by one single person involved, that indicates in any way 
that Bruce had anything at all to do with saving the Gulf Tract. 
"My depth of knowledge of the AT scene, probably the deepest around in 
Trailcircles when it concerns the AT thru-hiking scene.." - Dan 'Wingfoot' 

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