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[at-l] [WF] STOP Death by Parsing or R&R..the unansweredpoints....

At 03:08 AM 6/15/01 -0700, Orange Bug wrote:
>My hand is up! The AT =/= through*hiking.
>By no definition can one suggest that through*hiking (registered
>trademark?) is even a substantial minority of the trail's use. Please
>go back and read some history on McKaye's work and Avery's work. The
>trail is still serving the main groups that were targeted - casual
>hikers out for a break from civilization. It isn't wilderness. It isn't
>an alpine or Artic expedition. It is a challenging groomed trail within
>a few hours drive of 75% of the country than even little old ladies and
>some disabled folks can use.

If anyone still has that survey that compared thruhikers vs others and thru 
vs other's miles...please repost.

I just realized something...if you substitute ATC for WF and WF for AT-L
in all of R&R's posts, it starts to make sense.  He accuses us of doing
to TP what dan does to the ATC.
I think it's all in code somehow, but I'll work on figuring it out. <VVVBG>

>I do not understand your motives in attempting to paint HYOH as a
>licensuous barbarian rabble pillaging and plundering countryside and

But Bug..all we have to do is promote traditionalism and all that will stop.
People who have no respect or fear of the law and even less consideration
for common mores or decency will just stop running around drunk and
naked if 500 AT-lers embrace traditionalism.

Chant with me people.....this could work.....
I sure hope it does cause i don't like running around trying to smooth
the feathers of lodgers and shopkeepers who have been vandalized
or ripped off.

errr...if we are gonna go all 'primitive' and do it the way it used to be,
does that mean we leave the stoves at home and start with the campfires
again?  If so, I opt out...